Friday, 3 August 2012

redkite yoga

Been to lots of yoga classes over the years, trying to find the perfect teacher. The first one I went to with my friend Olivia was in the Quaker meeting house in Bath. The teacher was calm, inspiring and taught the class so everyone could learn and improve without feeling left behind or overwhelmed. He was a brilliant teacher.

Since moving back to Worcestershire I have searched for a teacher of that quality. I have endured some comedy yoga classes in sports centres by teachers who have no spiritual connection to the moves they are demonstrating and it felt like I would never find the yoga vibe I was hoping for; where mind and body could both grow and become stronger.

But finally last year I started a class in a local village and straight away I knew this was a great class. Been going to the weekly classes when I can and each time I come away feeling wonderful. My body is getting stronger and it helps to keep negative thoughts away. I feel calm and positive after practicing. A couple of weeks ago I had a one-to-one hour with Kate and it was really helpful. I now have a routine to practice at home that will strengthen specific parts we felt needed to be improved. Everyday I get up and run through my poses and I am so glad to have found a teacher as encouraging and inspiring as Kate Alexander.