Sunday, 17 June 2012

Worcestershire Bard Final: a half hearted attempt at a review

I was in the audience for the Worcestershire Bard on Friday night. It was a great venue, the Swan theatre is obviously geared up to host this kind of thing. It lacked the awe of the Cathedral last year but it felt kinder for the poets as they were spot lit and their voices weren't lost in the pillars and pews.

Sadly it wasn't very well attended, possibly due to the England game on TV. I admit I wanted to stay at home to watch it... but poetry is more important than football, but obviously not to most people as there were many empty seats for the poets to perform in front of. Shame.

However the audience that were there were supportive and whooped it up after every person performed.
this picture is more tender on the eye than the one
I found of the outside of the Swan theatre
so that is why it is in this blog post

I started doing a 'proper' review and wrote down the first couple of people's names but them I lost my enthusiasm for writing and just wanted to listen so this is a crap review. Sorry.

Spoz was, as usual, brilliant. A fantastic host. His poem about his parents was excellent. Lisa Ventura and the other judges were all working hard, organising and judging. I was glad to not have to be the one judging. Too difficult to choose.

The young poet for Worcester, Rowan Something Double-Barrelled, read an intense poem that made me sit up and listen. It was full of interesting imagery. Liked that a lot.

I liked the guy that read a poem about Solomon and his goats. It was unique and epic and had a great moral which I stored away to tell my kids. Useful poetry.

I enjoyed Sarah James cloud olympics poem. I was impressed with her polished perfomance.

I thought Catherine Crosswell would be placed, she was really impressive. I am very partial to the way she slips into song between lines of spoken word.

Damon Lord was very good as well. He totally kept my attention as he performed and not all of them did that.

Two poems that I really liked were the ones about the River Severn, one by Suz Winspear and one by...a tall, rather dashing older man. Hmmm. I really should have written down the names.

Brenda Read-Brown, 3rd place, was excellent, she obviously practised a lot as her performance was flawless and relaxed.

Suz was 2nd, a very popular choice.

Maggie Doyle won- very much deserved as she is brilliant poet and always enjoyable to watch. Well done Maggie!


  1. Nice reveiw, Ruth, agree it was a pity there weren't more there - it was a really well-organised evening - we enjoyed it very much

  2. Thanks Polly, I really enjoyed the evening, so much talent and I liked the venue very much.