Friday, 9 December 2011

Arvon course is a gift of peace and quiet so I can write

Being a mother of young children is stimulating and wonderful. They are loving and responsive and interesting to watch as they grow and learn new things.

But it is also very loud.

There is the constant noise of children chattering or bickering, the hum and swish of the washing machine with it's endless cycle of clothes. The television's chirping blandness, cheerful tunes that get stuck in my head.

The shrieking noise when they are arguing over something is nearly as loud as the joyful noise they make when they invent a running around in circles game or a 'we are roaring tigers' game.

It is noisy, all the time, except when they are asleep. Then it is quiet and calm. But I am too tired by then to do anything useful, let alone be creative or write my dissertation. Not the best environment to be a writer, however I keep going, seeking time in between the chaos.

Yesterday I found out I had been awarded an Arvon grant allowing me to go on a course at the very end of winter. It is in Shropshire and as the picture above shows, it is secluded and peaceful. I am so happy and excited at the thought of silence and time to write. I feel extremely grateful that Arvon encourage and help writers like myself who cannot afford the fee. It is generous and I hope to repay them by coming out of the course inspired and motivated.

The poets teaching on the course are Fiona Sampson, David Harsent and Jamie McKendrick. I am so excited...I've already said that haven't I?!

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