Monday, 28 November 2011

Where there is life, there is hope...

When I posted that the dog killed the chicken, I wasn't entirely truthful. The gruesome truth was the dog had really hurt the chicken and I couldn't put her out of her misery so I took her to the old chap who lives next door.

He keeps lots of chickens and I knew he wouldn't be as soft as me about it. He was very kind and took her off me. Anyway I thought he would have killed her as soon as I had gone, hence why I wrote the sad post about my chicken being dead.

Yesterday my little boys were playing outside and came to fetch me because he said the old man next door had something for us. Off we went, expecting vegetables or a bag of apples. Imagine my shock and joy when he said, 'Look, one lucky chicken.'

There was Snowdrop scratching around, eating corn and drinking water. She looked bedraggled and pissed off, but I would be unhappy if a dog had attacked me. The old man had rubbed some magic cream of his own invention onto her back and bandaged her up. I have never seen anything like it.

Today the chicken is back in the pen with her friend Bluebell and seems a bit perkier. I have no idea if she is going to make it. Will her skin and feathers grow back? The old man seems to think so. He said, 'Where there is life, there's hope.'

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