Thursday, 25 August 2011

Two poems of mine will be published this Autumn

A poem called 'On the Cautious Road' will be published by Helen Ivory at Ink, Sweat and Tears and it was a moment of good news in a bad week when Helen emailed me to say the poem had been selected.
I return to the I,S&T blog all the time to read the excellent poetry so I am very pleased my poem was selected to be included amongst all that talent. It is updated regularly so readers can get a poetry fix when they need one. I like the style of this blog, it is easy to navigate and there is a very quick response to submissions which is refreshing.

 Helen Ivory has a website here, as well as blogging and poems, I really like the 'sketches' go and look at them, they are intriguing.

The next poem is being published by Goblin Fruit, a quarterly journal of fantastical poetry. The tag line is 'come feast with us' and it is indeed a sumptuous collection of art and poetry. Most of the poems have the option of listening to the poet reading the poem which is really effective and brings it to life.

This is what the editors are looking for:

'We want poetry that we can call "of the fantastical", poetry that treats mythic, surreal, fantasy and folkloric themes, or approaches other themes in a fantastical way. Re-write a fairytale, ponder an old story, consider history from an unusual perspective -- really, it's up to you, so long as the fantastical element is there. Since what qualifies as "the fantastical" is easily debatable, however, here's what we're not interested in: science fiction poetry (it's not you, it's us), horror for horror's sake, and poetry that's self-consciously gothic.'

My poem which will be included in the Fall edition is called 'Go Round' and I was especially pleased that it was that one. I work so hard on each poem that they all mean something to me but this poem holds a special place in my heart so I was glad , I think I gave a loud whoop when I opened the email.