Wednesday, 27 July 2011

South porch of Ghost Ranch house
Allen Ginsberg sits with O'Keeffe
shows her how he meditates,
crossed legs, straightened back, closed eyes--
breathe slowly, other instructions
but she doesn't mimic him.
He asked, "What do you believe?"
She outstretched her arm
palm up in a semi-circle
in front of her toward Pedernal,
"It's hard to say."
Mountain to the south
fragrant sage, clouds, blue sky
rocks she had gathered
beauty around her everywhere.
Later driving Allen & Peter to Santa Fe.

Allen called her a witch.
I nearly drove
off a curve in the road.
Said he was surprised
how little money she had.
I explained simple
surroundings did not
show her wealth.
No need.

poem by Carol Merrill, 1978


  1. I've never seen that photo of her before. I love the strength and passion that pours out...

  2. I'm glad you like it! I love the photographs of her slightly more than her paintings, she always looks so strong, sensual and remote. This picture is my favourite.